Friday, February 3, 2012


This fall I decided to put a hot drink area in to be able to attract students down to my office. It’s really taken off with up to 60 students a day coming in after school to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Believe me when I tell you that in my 8’ x 8’ office there is standing room only. Being a boarding school, I like to think of it as kids coming in for their after school snack.

It’s had some added benefits as well. We started a new semester last week so I’ve had the opportunity to meet loads of new kids as they’ve come in with other students.  I’ve made a valiant effort to connect names with faces although I’m still working through it. It takes the new students a day or two to figure out that I’m the chaplain on campus but hey, they’re all about a cup of free cocoa!

After the crowds clear out I generally have two or three stay behind to check Facebook or find a video on Youtube and it inevitably leads to spiritual discussions. It’s been a challenge for me to keep up on my Bible drill skills to be able to find a passage in answer to a question on a certain topic. We have had conversations on the devil, end times, relationships and we even got running around some pre-destination questions this week.

What my greatest thrill has been though is listening to some of the kids who have been coming out for Chapel services and weekend church services teach other kids what they’ve been learning.  It’s really gratifying to know that God has been planting His word in their hearts and that they see opportunities to share what they’re learning with others.  I’ve heard boldness in proclaiming Christ to others also. My office is becoming a place for students to share their faith with their friends over a cup of cocoa.

WE CAN ALWAYS USE DONATIONS of hot cocoa to help keep the conversation flowing.  Get in touch with me at if you’re interested in sending some hot cocoa our way.

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