Monday, April 28, 2014


A Typical Wednesday at FIS

On a recent Wednesday we flipped stacks of pancakes for 90 minutes to over 110 students (about 58% of the total campus population). Lots of buttermilk-goodness was enjoyed, and I now know that peanut butter is the preferred pancake topping. Who would-a guessed?! The students come out in droves when we put food in front of them. Our midweek on-campus events are opportunities for us to interact with students in a safe, comfortable environment that promotes trust and friendship. Often this opens up times for deeper conversation.
Here’s a snapshot of our interaction with students: As a girl was waiting to get her pancakes, she just kind of casually asked, “So meditating is like praying, huh?” and then as we got talking about it, “It just seems like I’m talking to myself sometimes.” I'm sure more discussion will follow.

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