Friday, October 23, 2015


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always,  pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

I’ve never considered myself as much of a prayer warrior but my role this fall on the Flandreau Indian School campus has been moving more towards that of being a PRAY-er. It is not a role that I’m taking lightly and one that God is pushing to be proactive about.

I get asked each year to open the school year with a blessing over the students at a school assembly.  I prayed at a school pep rally for the cross country, volleyball and football teams last week.  The basketball coach for the upcoming season recently asked if I would be willing to pray before each home game to set the tone for the event.  Kids will jump off of the bus on their way to a game to be prayed over. A few others that follow along don’t really knowing what’s going on but they pray too. They end up being the ones who are jumping off of the bus before the next game.

Students come to our school from all sorts of spiritual backgrounds so it’s an honor when kids approach me for prayer.  Kids stop me in the hall or in the cafeteria and ask me to pray for them or somebody they care for. I have gotten intentional about stopping what I’m doing right there and then to pray with students. We pray in hallways, the cafeteria or just stopped on the sidewalk.  The idea is to get kids in the mindset that prayer is accessible at any time or any place, not just in church or at a specific time or through me. I want them to know that God is all-access.

Some of the sweetest times of prayer I’ve had recently were being able to pray with a student prior to a court appearance (that worked out well for them), with a student preparing for a big athletic event who was an emotional wreck (so much pressure to perform) and with a student who has so much going on that he didn’t know how to pray. There is literally so much pain in his life that he found it difficult to form the words to know what to pray for. It is those times that I thank God for the honor and privilege to be able to go the Father for intercession.

I hope you’ll look for more opportunities to be the PRAY-er in your community wherever that may be and go to the Father with requests. 

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