Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am a fairly new Tweeter (or Twitter-er) but as I get more involved I notice people constantly upgrading their technology to the newest model. I would be so grateful if you would consider donating some of your newer items that have simply been upgraded but are still perfectly usable. I could use a projector to plug into my laptop to be able to use technology more in my work with students. Before you get rid of it, consider passing it on!

Cleaning out that supply closet and can’t think of a use for it? Maybe it was last year’s evangelism handout or an overstock of art supplies. Perhaps it’s a box of tongue depressors or a case of…I don’t know what you’ve got but before you throw it away, contact me and find out if I can use it, if you don’t mind. You’d be surprised what we can turn into an outreach event based on just a couple of items.

Also, if there’s something that’s worked well for you reaching students in the past, feel free to pass it along. There was a great flip card that was used in the New York VBS from Lifeway last summer. Maybe it’s just the nature of my campus, but kids “take things” on a pretty regular basis from my office. It makes me laugh when students think they’re “stealing” things from me when they’re taking tracts or bibles or some other sort of handout that ultimately could lead a kid to Christ if they really understood the message of it.

Thanks for thinking of us!

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  1. Send Stuff directly to:
    FIS Chaplain
    Flandreau Indian School
    1132 N. Crescent Street
    Flandreau, SD 57028