Saturday, October 15, 2011


If you missed the Diane Sawyer “20/20 Special-HIDDEN AMERICA: Children of the Plains” program on Friday night, then I’d encourage you to at least watch the trailers on the ABC Website (link below). We were really encouraged as a family that it was a true representation of just a few of the stories that make up the Pine Ridge Reservation. Remember though, for those few stories that were told there are thousands more with no one to tell their story.

We get a large number of our kids at Flandreau Indian School from Pine Ridge as well as many other tribes, often with the same sorts of issues. Our students have firsthand experience with alcoholism, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, suicide and abandonment. They have felt the pain personally of many of the problems that were highlighted in the Diane Sawyer piece.

We are making a difference in South Dakota! This year I have been able to pray with students at the loss of a loved one, had students pray to receive Christ, and had tons of questions about baptism. We’ve been able to take students to worship with us in town at local church…the list goes on and on of how God is moving. He is opening doors for us to share His love and it is through your support and encouragement that we are able to stay here.

Remember, I am able to serve on a federally run high school campus through donations of denominations, churches and individuals. I am 100% privately supported and we are the only program of our kind operating in a Boarding School setting.

PLEASE CONSIDER becoming a monthly partner with us. Any amount of money will help us to continue all that God has begun and for us to continue to build relationships to bring the love of Christ to a hurting people. Donate online through the PayPal button or additional information is listed on the right side of this page on where to send donations. Thanks for all of your support.

GIFTS IN KIND are also appreciated. Subway Gift Cards in the amount of $5.35 are great (the price of a foot-long sandwich plus tax). I use them for prizes or treats or to share with kids just having a bad day. Wal-Mart Gift Cards in any amount help when we have kids with physical needs (coats, shoes, toiletries, etc.) or I can run a whole program event and am able to shop from one card. Or be creative! Think kids away at college and what they might like. I go through a lot of candy for my office (anything but chocolate), Ramen noodles and instant cocoa and Cappuccino mixes. Send GIK to: Bill Britton, 802 W Pipestone, Flandreau, SD 57028.

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