Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Through the generosity of several churches and individual sponsors, I received enough quilts to be able to give a warm blanket to every student in the freshman class at our school this year. I don’t know if you’ve heard but it can get kind of cold in South Dakota. We woke up to 20 degrees this morning and we’re still in October.

It’s kind of amazing how God provides for all of our needs.  One church who has regularly given quilts came by a few weeks ago and gifted 55 quilts to the students. We have about 70 freshmen this year so I was going to come up a little short if I started distribution.  I was really excited but knew if I didn’t have enough to go around then I shouldn’t get started.

A few days later we got a knock on the door at home. Another quilt group in town had some more quilts ready to be passed out to the kids—15 to be exact. I think we’re all ready to go! God knows exactly what our needs are if we’ll just ask.

Please pray for new relationships over the next couple of weeks. I am personally going to meet face to face with 70 freshmen to give them each a quilt and introduce myself to them. Pray for opportunities!

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